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My name is Birgit Drabløs and my grat passion is, as you probably have guessed, dogs and dog-exhibitions! I live at Hessa outside Ålesund on the west coast of Norway, together with my 14 dogs. I really love entering the showring, and as soon as spring comes and the roads are safe to drive again there will be many weekends away on exhibitions around in the country, during the years I've met lots of nice people and got many new friends and it's always the same pleasure meeting again
I have been very lucky and have fantasitc breeders who have always allowed me to pick among the very best dogs and so I am happy to say I have had very much success with my dogs both on shows in Norway and abroad.

Though most days are not competition days, and then I enjoy spending time with all my dogs, going for long walks or watch them play out in my big garden.

This is where we live, in the most beautiful city in Norway

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